R800011 ARC R8S 1/8th Electric Power Stock Class Pan Car Kit

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R800011 ARC R8S categoria rigida 1:8 pista elettrica

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ARC have released first images and information on their forthcoming R8S1/8th scale electric Stock class pan car kit. The kit was developed to use the same body and tyres as a standard nitro 1/8th scale and it can utilise a wide range of LiPo batteries specifications such as 2S stick style or 2S shorty packs. In this configurations the battery packs can be installed horizontally flat in order to lower the centre of gravity, or they can be placed vertically, standing in the centre of the chassis, making way for the electronics. The chassis can also accept a 4S brick pack, making it a total of five battery configurations that provide the ability to alter the car’s weight distribution to match the driver’s likings or the track conditions but they also allow to use more budget-friendly batteries. Suspension-wise the rigid suspension car provides easy maintenance and yet still retains many flex joints that allow fine tuning for different track conditions and handling.

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